Responsible Drinking with Halwa Craft Beer.

Halwa Craft Beer is not just another craft beer, it’s a premium beer brand created and established in 2020 by Rudzani Mawela known to the masses as Bellafonte, a sensational musical artist now entrepreneur.

Halwa Craft Beer is said to have been brewed as a pilsner with malted sorghum added as part of the grain with rich malty characters from the sorghum and well balanced with herbal hop characters used from local hops which makes the beer a great example of what Africa can offer.

Since the alcohol ban has been lifted, we decided to create a three-day campaign that is creative, engaging, lawful and encourages responsible drinking starting on Monday the 22nd until Wednesday the 24th under the #ResponsibleDrinkingWithHalwa.

If you want to taste this sorghum beer by taking a big gulp of it while sitting on the couch watching your favorite tv show or with your friends outside on a summer’s day, adhering to covid-19 restrictions, go to craft corner or on Takealot and buy yourself and your friends one of the best craft beers in town and drink it responsibly.

Photography: Phindulo “Rigby” Tshidzumba
Models: Sharon Munyai, Gin Daily & Ndivho Makhwanya

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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