“Jean-to-Jean”: i’Stayela eLokshini.

Kwasuka-sukela, to probably during the 1980’s when “denim on denim” known as “jean-to-jean” here in South Africa became a popular trend that carried on to the 90’s, 2000’s up until now. Many people have experimented with this trend by using their unique style choices. A Vaal-based photographer known as John Letsoalo by his peers and as @thecreativeson on IG created a conceptual photography series with model Neo Hakeem titled, “i’Stayela eLokshini” that solely focuses on their own rendition of “jean-to-jean” with a black male figure draped in denim as their subject.

Inspired by iTyma lase lokshin that is always looking top tier in his shiny creselda that matches his shiny shoes, with his pants perfectly creased in the middle. Hakeem was re-defining himself as the younger version of that grootman by gravitating towards the old tyma’s color co-ordinating style and finding ways to translate it back into a more modern version.

Photography by: @thecreativeson.
Muse: Neo Hakeem.

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