Dlala Mapantsula: An Ode To The Pantsula Subculture.

Photographer: lifeandtimesofataurus
Models: usanelemhlongo, Cordaroyce

I’m going to need us to take a moment and sing the chorus for Halloween by Tkzee. “Dlala mapantsula, gida ama doda” You can even throw in a few two steps, this is a safe space.

When tracing the history of ama panstula, it dates back to the late 1950s, when residents of Sophia Town used to mix tap dance with their own personal twist.

Model: usanelemhlongo
Stylist: Simphiwe Siya
Photographer: lifeandtimesofataurus

Now you’re probably wondering why we are going down memory lane, don’t worry it was just a young history lesson. What we’re actually here for is to celebrate this lifestyle.

According to google: ama pantsula are: Fashionable young, urban people of color. There’s no doubt that ama pantsula rock clean, color co-ordinated outfits with their signature bucket hats and converse all stars. Isi pantsula is also a South African dance style associated with the township. These dancers have energetic, fascinating dance moves with the style to match.

Photographer: lifeandtimesofataurus
Stylist: Simphiwe Siya
Model: cordaroyce

This new wave of ama pantsula is coming through with all the heat. They are also interpreting the movement in their own way, while drawing inspiration from the OG’s. Safe to say that this movement is going to continue to grow from generation to generation. Phela siyasho isiZulu: Ng’pantsula for life.

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