Uthethathethwano: Azania Forest’s Solo Exhibition.

Source: Instagram (@azaniaforest)

Orms Direct together with Orms CT School of Photography and The Market Photo Workshop partnered up for a solo exhibition with a familiar face on Culture Club, Lesego Seoketsa who we know famously as Azania Forest, a visual storyteller and fashion designer.

This exhibition will be curated by Lauren The Unissen and it’s set to commence tomorrow evening at 18:30 PM until the 09th of January 2021 at 56 Roeland Street, Cape Town. This solo exhibition it titled, “Uthethathethwano” which is a Xhosa word that directly translates to “negotiation” in English. “Cape Town has offered me a different perspective on what land ownership means for black people” say Forest, she will be tackling this issue through the findings of research at the exhibition.

Forest is known for her visually ambiguous artistry that has even created havoc amongst individuals on the bird app. As mentioned on her Five @ Five article, Forest finds a way of infusing different art mediums such as; digital media, acrylic paint, oil paint and photography to change traditional artistic approaches. She has achieved this by mixing traditional and non-traditional art media.

If you know Forest’s work you would know that this exhibition will be nothing short of visually alluring artworks. If you are in Cape Town, here’s something you can dress up for tomorrow evening.

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