M’Jomane No.10: The New Kasi Flavour Collection.

Source: Instagram (@kasiflavour10)

Kasi Flavor is our South African football identity. It is the soul, spirit, and DNA of who we are.”

That’s the first thing one stumbles upon when they’re reading the caption for the new M’Jomane no. 10 shorts. What a beautiful way to introduce the inspiration behind the creation of these soccer inspired shorts.

This collection of no. 10 football shorts were inspired by the legendary Jomo Sono. You can’t talk about South African 80s/90s soccer without mentioning the iconic midfielder.

Kasi Flavor has found a way to merge nostalgic soccer aesthetics, making it relevant for this day and age. Summer is upon us and as I like to say “Skindi boys are live for the summer.” They have found a way to translate their love for soccer into fashion. This offering is a visual representation of what it looks like to eat, sleep and breathe soccer. Kasi Flavor said Kasi Diski is the way to go and they’ve been running with that inspiration ever since.

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