The Irony of Dj Megan Ryte’s “Culture” Single.

Source: Instagram

Yesterday, an American Dj that many of us didn’t know of, Dj Megan Ryte released a single titled, “Culture” featuring the Black Eyed Peas member and A$ap Ferg. Black Twitter was quick to notice some foul play. “Culture” is said to have been themed around the concept of “culture vulture” which is quite ironic because according to Crack Magazine the song also includes the urban dictionary definition of a “culture vulture” which is; “a person or an organization making profit using honorable practices they do don’t care of”, but she ripped off Dj Lag’s famous Gqom “Ice Drop” song that he released back in 2016.

Ryte went against the “statement” of her “song” which is profiting off someone’s else’s work, but was quick to come to her rescue and took the fall for it, which wasn’t surprising cause he has a quite a history of stealing songs. The irony continues through what Ryte said on the song, “This song is a statement record that recognises the importance of Black cultural contributions around the world. With and ASAP Ferg lending their voices to the track… I’m doing it for the culture… I’m so excited for this single to be the first release off of my album. Not only did and Ferg kill it but Nabil is such an amazing visionary and he brought the song to life! has since took to Instagram to address the issue and “apologize.” Dj Lag was not phased by the apology as he believes it was directed to Ryte and not him. “The apology is not directed at me so I don’t have a comment on that. But I can confirm that I was not approached by or Megan for the use of my track before our twitter brought it to trial” said Lag.

Dj Lag – Ice Drop

Dj Megan Ryte – Culture

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