Five @ Five: with Muzi.

Photography by: Andile Buka.
Source: Nataal.

Our Five @ Five guest this week is the renowned South African musical artist and producer Muzi. Muzi is one of the most vibrant and incredibly talented artists in our nation, he just recently released an EP titled “Mama” with a total of six songs. After releasing Stimela Segolide, Boom Shaka, Afrovision, and Zeno he decided to follow through with another body of work which is more nostalgic and sentimental to him. Like we said, he is best described as a bop maker, beanie collector, Vans enthusiast and of course Zeno’s father. We got to ask Muzi five questions regarding his EP and here’s how it went.

Photography by: Andile Buka.
Source: Nataal.

1. What should people take away from this body of work besides the melodic and rhythmic sounds that makes you want to bop your head every two seconds ?

That its okay to write about your real life experiences. None of us are perfect, we all go through shit. And hopefully we all find some healing through the music.

2. Let’s talk about the upcoming music video of “Mama Dance” what should we except from the visuals ?

Mom used to take us to this restaurant/bar in Empangeni called ‘ 60s diner ‘ when i was a kid. She’d sometimes dance to the music they played there so in the video i tried to re-enat that fond memory of her.

Mama EP cover

3. Do you have a personal favorite song from the EP, if yes, which song is it ?

I really like the production on MAKHOZA. Trying out orchestral music was interesting for me.

4. Every song on this EP is a piece or a reminder of a particular thing that is embedded with your mother, how was it like compiling it without her here ?

Hardest thing i’ve had to do in my life. Don’t even know how i did it because even when i was done i was very reluctant about releasing it just because of how personal it is.

5. Which song does Zeno love the most from the EP ?

Zeno loves Believe. The humming is somehow easy for her to sing back lol.

We close off this article with a link above of “Mama Dance” visuals.

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