Let Us Africans Unite Against Imperialism.

Nigerian flag smeared with blood during the shooting at Lekki toll gate.

Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians living in Nigeria and others in the diaspora were slightly proud and relieved, as they truly believed that the peace and justice that they were fighting, protesting and yearning for all their lives was finally just a reach away, until what happened last night (20th of October 2020) at Lekki toll gates in Lagos, Nigeria.

For all Africans, but mainly the Nigerians the 20th of October will never be same again. It will always be a reminder of the cruel and vile behaviour shown by the Nigerian army (which has been an ongoing thing) and the brutal murders of innocent lives who were killed for fighting for basic human rights. The shooting that took place at the Lekki toll gate last night in Lagos, Nigeria will always be a gruesome reminder to all of us that African leaders would rather kill their own instead of doing what is right.

Let’s stand together in solidarity with not only Nigerians, but with the Congolese against their own fight, #CongoIsBleeding. The Liberians with their #RapeNationalEmergency movement. Namibians with their #ShutItAllDown protests against femecide. The Ivory Coast and Ghana fight against #ChiildTrafficking and us here in South Africa fighting against gender-based violence #AmINext and also the human trafficking. Zimbabweans were being abducted and beaten up by police officers just a few months ago, for having silent protests against fraud and corruption. African leaders became high from the power post-colonization and the imperialism has been going on for years now.

Africa must unite and until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, gender, age and sexuality, there will always be war. “War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south.. and until that day, the African continent will not know peace, we Africans will fight we find it necessary and we know we shall win as we are confident in the victory.”

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