“Amandla Ami Asezinweleni” – My Power Lies in the Strands of My Hair.

Image sourced: Instagram (@bebeautifulla)

“Amandla ami asezinwelen” that’s what Samson told Delilah, when he revealed the secret to his strength. That alone got me thinking about how hair actually has certain healing/warning properties. When ever the tips of your hair stand up, that’s usually a warning from your body. Depending on the context, you’re body could be warning you of something good or bad.

Afro Punk Fest (Brooklyn, 2017)
image sourced: Pinterest

Hair is an extension of your identity and heritage. Through out history, we have been shown how hair was used as a social status identifier. In ancient history, members of the royal family wore more elaborate hairstyles, as a symbol of their status.

Tribes used hair as a social hierarchy identifier.

Himba Women, Namibia
Image sourced: Pinterest

Through the evolution of time, hair has also evolved. The way we style, maintain and embrace our hair has changed with the times. Over the years, we’ve seen how hair styles have been used as a form of self expression/ a means of identifying an period in time.

Image sourced: Instagram (@PJ Harper)

Like we’ve seen in recent years, hair politics have really changed the narrative around hair, especially for People of Color. We have seen, in recent years, bills around hair discrimination being lifted. One way or another, we are taking back our hair power and embracing it in all of its glory.

Long, short, black, thick, fluffy, curly, wet, tangled or dry strands of kinky hair. That’s how many black girls possess their power, with black girl magic – Mukondeleli

“The hair appointment” directed by Josef Adamu. Photographed by: Jermey Rodney-Hall

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