Five @ Five: with Yasmin Furmie.

photography credit: @afrah_mayet

When I hear the phrase “Age ain’t nothing, but a number” by the late and legendary Aaliyah, I can’t resist the urge to think about this week’s guest, Yasmin Furmie, when it comes to fashion and street culture in South Africa. Who said one needs to be 20 and poppin’ to be the fashion “it-girl” when you can be 50-something and still be excessively stepping on people’s necks. Yasmin is a well travelled designer and fashion guru, born and currently based in Johannesburg. She is the co-founder of a t-shirt brand SiSi. When Yasmin made her fashion breakthrough a few years ago, she definitely flipped the script. She never misses a beat when it comes to her style and she has constantly kept us wondering how she does it. One finds themselves referencing a page from her style journal. Safe to say that, we can’t get enough of her implacable style. Here’s our dialogue with her.

1. You always look dazzling wearing the different outfits you share on your social media platforms. How would you describe your style ?

I’d say my style is the embodiment of who I am. It’s confidence, it’s not defined by others, it’s quirky, it’s political (I care where my clothes are from, what it means for the environment), it’s ageless, inclusive, unique and ultimately is the visual representation of the ease I feel within myself. 

2. Earlier this year, you were featured on an Edgars beauty campaign. What does beauty mean to you ?

Beauty to me is definitely not what is visible. I don’t buy into the subjective nature of beauty as that constantly changes depending on what the “ look” of the moment is.  To me it’s a feeling, an attitude, a sense of boldness and a definite confidence in navigating the world.

3. You were featured in Yomzansi’s sneaker battle and you have a very impressive collection. Which are your go to pairs and why ?

My sneakers are such a big part of my wardrobe. I can honestly say that my go to pairs are definitely the ones that are colorful, that stand out and make my outfit come together. I love high top sneakers as they give the masculine energy that I like to play with. 

photography credit: @afrah_mayet

4. How has the growth of your brand SiSi been since it launched in 2016 ?

The SiSi brand that my friend Cynthia Allie and I have together,  has been a wonderful success story for us. It’s grown yearly since the first collection in 2016 and it’s a testament to a good friendship and collaboration. 

5. Is there a new collection for the brand that’s coming soon? If so, what’s the inspiration behind it ?

There is a new collection coming toward the end of the year. It’ll be a reflection of the styles and shapes we love as women and also one that would be a classic addition to a wardrobe. 

photography credit: @afrah_mayet

Follow Yasmin Furmie on Instagram and check out her fashion brand SiSi.


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