Five @ Five: with Lesego Seoketsa.

By: Asande Kubone.

Continuing with our celebratory wave, this week’s Five @ Five guest is no stranger to the Culture Club family. Lesego Seoketsa, or maybe you know her as Azania Forest is a multidisciplinary artist, self-taught photographer, fashion designer and she describes herself as a visual story teller. She uses art as a medium to speak on “post-postmodernism and how this school of thought plays out in our African lives.” She has found a way of infusing different art media’s such as: digital media, acrylic paint, oil paint and photography to change traditional artistic approaches. She has achieved this by mixing traditional and non-traditional art media. We’ve recently gotten an opportunity to step into her world.

1. Recently introduced a new series called the “Camagu series”, what is the series about?

Camagu Studio is a concept company, founded by myself and Lulama Wolf, that focuses on cultural research and artistic expression. The word ‘Camagu’ meaning ‘to praise’ or ‘to honor ’ in isiXhosa is the foundation of our cause.

Camagu studio’s logo

2. How has working on the Camagu series been for you?

I am personally excited about the launch of our company, please do visit our website/blog

3. Earlier on, you introduced your clothing brand “Lesego Seoketsa”, how has the reception been thus far?

I haven’t launched it for sales officially yet, but i will be releasing a new collection end of the year but is still a working progress. One in which I am excited about. I have received great encouragement from my college lecturers, family and friends. I am very excited about this new journey.

Lesego Seoketsa brand logo

4. How has the reception for the film you recently worked on for Samson South Africa been?

It has been really overwhelmingly amazing, I received good reviews from my peers and close loved ones. I am very proud of the work that we did for Samson, I have always dreamed of doing film and directorial work and this is a start for me. 

5. What is your take on the South African visual arts industry and have you ever had any problems navigating this space and as black women?

The South African art industry is a growing one and this makes me happy, I do feel that in the past 10 years there has been a slight shift in the representation of black women and it has been a positive one. I would like to see more of us there and making a living from the art. Navigating the space is difficult as someone who is an independent black woman artist, we are the minority in this industry and our voices are often unjustly overlooked. The industry is very elitist, however I am learning and finding a way to take up space and make it possible for other black girls to have an “ín” as well. I support equal representation because everyone’s story deserves to be heard.

Check out Lesego’s amazing work on the following pages: @azaniaforest, @camagustudio_ and @lesegoseoketsa

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