Five @ Five: with Phola Ayanda Gumede.

Photography by: @everydaypeoplestories

You know that feeling you get when you stare at a sunflower? The feeling of vibrancy, warmth and joy, I get a similar feeling when I look at Phola’s images. She is lively, she has a very intriguing sense of fashion, she’s a gorgeous BROWN SKIN girl and also an incredibly talented Dj. Like many other people, I found out about her through my social media and I instantly loved her vibe. Phola always assassinates her sets with her Soulful music infused with throw back sounds, that have now transitioned into a more modern twist. From the Adidas Home Team Sunsets, Pantone Sunday’s, Feel Good Series to Gin & Tonic Festival, Finding Feels and Sunday Edition she has spun her decks from Jozi, Dubane to Kaapstad. I got an opportunity to talk to her for this week’s Five @ Five article which is also part of the women’s month special.

1. Before we get into anything else, I’d like to say you always look like a ray of sunshine.

Lol, Thankyou.

2. I think we have asked this to quite a number of creatives, which one do you prefer the most between the Cape Town and Johannesburg atmosphere and which crowd do you love between the two cities during your sets ?

The Joburg groove scene is definitely unmatched! The crowd is much more receptive and they’re all about good music and having a good time.

3. Have you ever had any difficulties navigating through the Dj’ing industry as a black woman ?

I wouldn’t say I’ve had difficulties. Maybe, not as many equal opportunities but I definitely haven’t had a difficult DJ career.

4. Besides music and fashion what’s another thing you love wholeheartedly ?

That’s a very good question. I also love all things that combine digital and urban/street culture.

Photography by: @everypeoplestories

5. Where can people get your playlists and mixes ?

My mixes can be found on my Soundcloud page:

My playlists can be found on Spotify and Apple Music

If you haven’t indulge yourself in some LoveslavePhola mixes, what are you waiting for? To see see more more of her beautiful images follow her on Instagram.

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