Ten @ Five: with Zoë Modiga.


Golden! Golden! Golden! With songstress Zoë Modiga what you see is definitely what you get and golden is what she is. Her debut album , Yellow: The Novel , gathered many around her as if the first track was “Kwahlala kwahlala kwangantsomi”, the twenty three tracks told raw African tales and was nominated for Best Jazz Album and Best African Artist for the 24th SAMAs . Kindred soulful spirit that radiates iconic Mam’Makeba energy. Be it, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, Afropunk, Basha Uhuru Festival or sightseeing with Seba Kaapstad – multi-national neo-soul quartet , she stays delivering effortlessly flawless performances. This week , we’ve been blessed with a TEN @ five!

1. What does story telling through music mean to you?

Telling stories about life feels like purpose to me. It feels like my beginning, middle and end in this life.

2. Where do you draw inspiration for your music? 

I feel like is at the centre of my inspirations and human experiences are such a beautiful perspective. Ultimately to me, inspiration is conspired by God and revealed to us to relate it with each other.


3. How would you describe your sound? 

I have no idea. I just hope never to be boxed by that. As long as it is meaningful to those that hear it, I want for nothing more.

4. What inspired your song “Black butterfly?” Ugh, it makes me cry with joy and hope.

Black Butterfly really documents a special moment I had with the Creator and has now come to represent the voyage and beauty of black bodies from my perspective.  

5. things you think are important to instill in women from a young age?

Our natural sensitivities are a super powers. We must always seek to nurture spaces for our whole selves. Always do the inner work because inner beauty is divinity.


6. When one listens to your album , can’t help but feel like you’re listening to a musical story. Was this the aim? To tell INGANEKWANE through your music.


7. How did you know that music was the one?

Music has always been a soundtrack to my life, with so many memories made. I loved that is was an impactful tool to communicate with people and to remind them of themselves.

8. How has the year 2020 been for you thus far?

It has been a complete roller coaster but I’m happy to be here and to have a story to tell.



9. What is your dream collaboration?

I have so many, Mam’ Oumou Sangare would be a dream to collaborate with.

10. Albums or singles?

Albums are beautiful, as you can create and curate an entire world and narrative.

“Zoë’s a vocal virtuoso— there’s nothing her voice can’t do – she hits high notes with ease, and varies her delivery—she can sing in sparse dilated sentences, and, on some like “Uh Oh (A Sensible Life),” she packs her words like an MC.” – OKAYA

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