SEASONS – Bringing You High Fashion Streetwear.

SEASONS is a Durban based high fashion street wear brand. They recently debuted their winter collection which was inspired by warm winter colour palettes.

Recently got an opportunity to have a conversation about their recent collection and what their brand is all about:

1. Please tell us a little more about yourselves (brand founders)

My name is Mlungisi Mpanza the founder of SEASONS and Ntuthuko Nguse the co-founder of SEASONS. We met at Lindiwe Kuzwayo fashion Academy and we started working together. This year we decided to release our clothing line that we’d been working on for a while.

2. How did the name SEASONS come about?

We wanted to drop a collection for every season. It was only fitting that we run with the name SEASONS as that’s what we aim to do with each collection, for the different seasons.

3. Can you please tell us about your first collection. What inspired it?

Our debut collection was inspired by our City, Durban. One garment is inspired by how Indian schools wore they uniform due to religion, (wearing a dress and pants at the same time). We wanted to show how cotour garments can be used as streetwear garments. This is visible through our interpretation of garments such as corset, blazer etc. We have revamped the way these garments are generally perceived.

4. We’ve been seeing snippets of the shoot, who’s behind the visuals and styling?

We do our own styling but the while you were away team handles the visualise.

5. How does it feel realising that your manifestations for the brand are now a reality?

We were so overwhelmed. Seeing our ideas into existence has been amazing. We won’t lie, it wasn’t easy but you know what, we can’t wait to share more ideas.

6. Let’s talk about the Durban street wear scene. What is SEASONS bringing to the table?

Here at SEASONS, we believe that fashion is art. Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. We want to portray that in every collection. If you see our digital look book, it will explain to you our aim at SEASONS.

7. Who is/ who are the designers behind the brands first collection?

We are (Mlungisi Mpanza and Ntuthuko Nguse).

8. We’ve spotted a few snaps where the models are wearing very bold printed pants, would you say these pants low key resemble autumn leaves?

The pants definitely resemble leaves in autumn. We also wanted to use fabrics as another medium to high light our winter collection and we definitely think that did the trick.

9. What’s this collections color pallet and what inspired it?

This collections colour pallets are: brown, black and white. We wanted to use warm colors and a little bit of white to bring light into our collection. These colours are bold and strong on their own. The representations of the colours are what inspired us to choose this color pallet.

10. Please describe the brand in a few words.

SEASONS is a high fashion streetwear clothing line for the culture.

Check out SEASONS complete winter collection and digital look book here.

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