Five @ Five: with Ben Moyo.

On today’s Five @ Five we managed to get an inside scoop of Ben Moyo, also know as The chocolate brother’s Photography and his whole persona.

Ben is a Zimbabwean born and bred who came to South Africa in search for greener pustures, who is currently based in Capetown. With the introduction to the photography scene using an IPhone, he managed to create buzz in the streets when it comes to portraying African history through his nostalgic eye. I like him more on Film lenses but when he goes digital he’s beast mode.

Most of his skills are self-taught, if it’s not photography, he is behind the decks serving us his Afrocentric vibes at groove. Multifaceted is a word, but he becomes more than that when he focuses on short films, and fashion editorials where he (most of the times) styles, directs and be (always) behind the lenses at the same time, but that’s when he is not the muse for the given project.

The sets of photos below are from his project that he described as a symbolism of black love, the type of love he yearns for. He also mentioned that it celebrates people of color, black love and black fashion. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen events the questions couldn’t be answered, but you should check out more of Ben Moyo’s work on his Instagram account.


Models: @being_septum and @sikhokeletyhali

Stylist: @thobekambane

Beauty: @vuyelwa_ndlovu

Garments: @imprint_za

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