Five @ Five: with Miya Twala.

This week’s Five @ Five feature is ighost kakhulu. Formally known as the Godmother of style, uMiya F**king Twala is a Dj, creative director and model. If she’s not blessing our feeds with amazing outfits, she’s sharing tips and styling tricks on her IGTV channel Miya’s Memo. We’ve gotten an opportunity to step into her world. Here’s what she has to say about a few things supporters would like to know:

1. You once said in an interview “Soon, I’m going to be the face of South African youth” Since 2016 up until today, would you say you can now truly agree with this statement?

No, I can’t agree with the statement yet. I was 17 when I did that interview and I didn’t really comprehend the journey it takes to be the best of the best. However, I will say I’m on my way to achieving that. I have several projects planned for 2020 & 2021 that will solidify my position and what I’m going to do in the future

2. How was shooting “Nomasonto, Sunday’s best ?” How do you relate to the character Nomasonto ?

It was insightful more than anything because I was working with people I admired for a while. Everyone on the team was very professional and extremely talented at their craft so the whole process was seamless.

3. What inspired Miya’s memo?

I feel like for years all I did was dress well, but I did nothing concrete with my style. Now, I want to create content that will eventually lead to me creating an empire in the future.

4. “One thing about me, my fit will bang” please tell us more about that.

I genuinely love clothes and dressing up. It’s always been something I enjoyed doing since high school, so putting together a nice outfit is like breathing to me. It’s too easy.

5. Lastly, any surprises coming our way with regards to Miya’s Memo?

Stay tuned. Just know, the visuals won’t be disappointing.

Miya Twala is a force to be reckoned. Definitely a vibe you can’t replace. Check out more of Miya’s content here.

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