Is Chrome Hearts Worth Its Overpriced Cost And The Hype?

Last night’s 11:11 manifestations circulated around owning the CDG x Chromey, red mohair cardigan. But before my avant-garde transition, I yearned to see the “F*CK” cap and their Orange cross patch jeans in my closet, pardon my wishful thinking because i can’t afford my style.

Source: Instagram

Richard stark established Chrome Hearts in 1988 along side John Bowman and Leonard Kamhout with the specialization of jewelry, eyewear, leather, clothing and furniture. From its exotic woods, fine leather, precious stones and sterling silver decorations, it still maintained its high-end taste for 32 years straight!

From its early garage livity, Chrome hearts always believed in collaborations, as it is a lifestyle inclined high end brand. From the collab between CDG, Rick Owens, The Rolling stones to Yves Saint Laurent and Bella Hadid that debuted at Paris fashion week.

Photography source: Instagram

Chrome hearts can be found on the wrist of Post Malone, the lyrics of The weekend and Lil uzi vert and on the neck of Travis Scott. It ranges from Pizza cutters, toilet plungers, Gothic logo t-shirts and hoodies which all sell out in less than a week if not 20 minutes.

Photography source: Instagram

I think Chrome hearts is worth the hype, not only from its finest creations, “Everything in CH is not made but built” Richard in one of his interviews, but from the people who are in collaborations and the consumers as they are mostly the epicenter of influence. From its $2k (R34198, 92) denim jeans, over $2k for a leather belt and over $1k for its necklace and bracelets made of silver, it still is a tricky subject to contemplate. But the overpricing spectrum alternates according to the consumers’ pockets and style variations. I wouldn’t say it’s worth its overpricing per se, but it is a round table discussion, because the process making of each item might be handcrafted and it takes thousands of hours to complete one piece and it is not everyone in its target market that will be convinced to buy a $1000 (R17068.79) hoodie with a neon Gothic cross logo on the back that dropped earlier on today.

Photography source: Instagram

So next time when you see a Gothic cross logo on anything, maybe a cabin or a car, Chrome hearts always will be the first thing to come to your mind, but another thing that should trigger your senses when you see it, is it worth the overpricing and the hype?


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