Banele Khoza: Visual Artist, Curator & A Gallery Director.

Banele Khoza was born in 1994 at Hlatikulu a small rural town in Eswatini.  In 2008 he moved to South Africa, hoping to get more opportunities to further his academics. He enrolled at the London International School of Fashion which is well known as LISOF for only one year, studying fashion design in 2011. Due to the limited opportunities to draw, he decided to move on to study fine arts at TUT. He pursued a diploma in 2014. He later completed a BTECH in Fine Arts. Khoza then went from being a student to a Drawing & Art Theory lecturer at the same institution. In 2018 he decided to stop teaching & work as a full-time artist. He launched a multi purpose studio & gallery called BKhz which simply stands for Banele Khoza, located in 68 Juta Street Johannesburg, Braamfontein.

photography credits: David Ross

Khoza has given a platform to many upcoming artists to showcase their works in his multi purpose studio and gallery in the past two years. The streets of Braamfontein have changed into a whole new artistic and vibrant world after he launched BKhz in 2018. He has had some motivational talks which have inspired many kids on the streets who where really passionate about art & creating, but didn’t know where or how to start. BKhz is one of the most busiest galleries in Juta alongside KALASHNIKOVV Galley and Stevenson.

Photography credits: David Ross

If you haven’t visited the gallery or taken a picture inside the gallery I’d say you haven’t lived. Check out the BKhz website for now because after we got hit by this pandemic the gallery has since been closed, unless you make an appointment. For your health and safety scroll down their website instead of going out. Follow Banele Khoza and his gallery on Instagram.

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