Five @ Five: with Francesco “Franadilla” Mbele

Photography source: Instagram

It is the first Friday of July and we’re cruising in with a refreshing Five @ Five article featuring Francsesco Mbele, known widely as Franadilla. He has won the hearts of many by not shying away from what makes him who he is and showing many that it is okay to be you. Johannesburg based, My Friend Ned treasure who is not only incredible in front of the camera but behind it too, with a photography series Mash Allah, that follows individuals and their journey through their religion, Islam, showing his great relationship with the lens.

Franadilla is always entertaining! Be it , making bodies move to creating “unusual” filters that break the net! We got him to answer five questions asked by our followers.

Photography source: Instagram

1. I’ve never been to an Ebumnandini get together (weeping!!) . Please take me through the experience .

Ebumnandini is a special feeling. It’s a space of love and joy. Every event we try to do something a bit different just to diversify the experience but the common foundation is always the positive vibe. Ebumnandini is also about creating a visible and transparent platform for the youth. A platform to perform, a platform to have a be yourself but also a platform to feel safe and seen.

2. What sets you apart from every other dj in Johannesburg?

Hard to say what sets me apart as but what I do know is that I always try have fun during my sets. I always switch it up from the last set and give people who are listening a performance more than a DJ set.

Photography source: Instagram

3. MashAllah, is a perfectly put together piece of enlightenment. Anything you got to understand more about being Islam while creating it?

Whilst making MashAllah I travelled to spaces I had never experienced before. I connected with people who had similar experiences to me, experiences which I thought I was alone in. It made me grateful to be apart of a wider narrative.

4. What’s your everyday inspiration Fran? What drives your level of creativity?

Everyday inspiration comes to me through the minute sounds, shapes, textures, conversations. The things which people pay no mind to, I focus on and expand on them as concepts.

Photography source: Instagram

5. What was the inspiration behind both his filters?

The inspiration from the filters came from the things around me at home. The camcorder is really an extension of my body so I figured the perspective from behind it would make sense, and the cracked phone is literally my old trap phone. Giving the filters multiple layers of complexity makes them special.

To see more of Franadilla’s work click here.

Photography source: Instagram

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