Virgil’s 2020 Nightmares Outgrows His Ego.


Besides the anxiety and paranoia bashing everyone around the world, we tend to put aside the need to worry about the creatives in the forefront and expect the better from them in every venture they partake in, with or without any crisis. It really must be too bad for a person with an artistic mind, I guess.

Virgil Abloh, an African-American designer, founder of OFF WHITE, entrepreneur, artist, DJ. He’s also a creative director at Louis Vuitton menswear collection.

Virgil, the mastermind himself, never seems to have 2020 in his timeline as last year’s successes and internet breaking were ‘ground breaking.’ Yes, it is a solid state of thinking when consumers of art never compares and take art as they interpret it to be. But ever since Virgil trash talked the prisms of streetwear he seemed to lose touch in everything . “Wow. I would say it’s gonna die, you know,” said the designer to DAZED magazine when asked where streetwear is headed in 2020. Although OFF WHITE is a streetwear brand, the majority seemed to abide but the minority took his existence as a bad omen, “The internet.

The internet obviously questioned his thinking and ever since then, he never seemed to have it in him.

Few months later, within the pandemic and the Black lives matter movement, during the protests, his streetwear stores, RSVP, DTLA and Sean Weatherspoon’s round two were ransacked by the protesters. So he took his frustrations to the internet, without the “Material things can be replaced but people can’t” mentally. The Twitter community (as you know it) was quick to jump on him, ransacking his thinking like the protesters of the BLM and what fuelled the fire was the $50 donation he put in the movement of fighting police brutality and black peoples killings. He then put out a statement apologizing, and mentioning that he’s made more donations that may be closely to $20,500 to bail funds and will still donate more but the internet is the pits, hence, the new slang lingo for saying “keeping it a buck, or keeping it a 100%” is “Keeping it 2 virgils” resulting from his $50 donation.


So yesterday, the 30th of June 2020, Virgil released an Artwork for the album (Shooting for the stars, aiming for the moon) of the late rapper, Pop smoke, which is set to be released on the 3rd of this month. But the masses are not so pleased with it, they are regarding the artwork as bogus and lazy but Virgil took it to IG trying to explain the meaning behind the album’s artwork as it is based on the last conversation Virgil had with Pop smoke.

There’s also been a petition roaming around the streets of the internet which obviously states that the album cover should be changed as soon as possible, but will he make it in time? As the album is set to drop on Friday. So if you are for the masses like I am, you can sign the petition here.

Virgil’s 2020 must be a mess than everyone else’s, as finding the balance between the tourist and purist seems out of reach at this point, some said “Cutting your beard is a bad omen” Jokingly. I guess, he wasn’t supposed to if that’s true.

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