GAP Ditches Telfar For A 10 Year Yeezy Collaboration Deal.

As it has been buzzing on the streets of fashion, Ye recently announced on Twitter that his brand ‘Yeezy‘ will be having a 10 year collaboration deal with GAP. And the clothing line is expected to be available in stores in 2021

When this announcement was out in public, with the #WESTDAYEVER, it created a sudden stock increase that added more than $1 billion USD to GAP’S market capitalization. Before the announcement that GAP will be in collaboration with Yeezy, GAP made an announcement earlier on this year that they will be joining forces with the New York based, Fashion designer Clemens Telfar. Telfar is known for its prestige in the creation of bags, (I’m sure you’ve seen a bag with the letter T inside a circle) but it also has a whole creation of good garments and interesting runway shows.



After building anticipation for the collection with the press and throwing a party during a Paris fashion week to celebrate the the collab, the collab was called off in March during the lock down as GAP had its stores closed.

Fast-forward, June. After the announcement of the GAP x Yeezy, Ye then posted on Twitter again, that the Nigerian-British designer Mowalola Ognulesi will be the design director of the collaborative ventures between the two.

So with GAP Sabotaging it’s collab with Telfar and guns for Yeezy, it leaves us with questions on how Telfar will deal with the news as he heard about the news like everyone else, is Telfar going to Sue GAP? As word on the streets says that Telfar and his team have not received any payment for the partnership and the initial samples that were designed for the collection remain in GAP’S possession although a contract was never signed between the two, but GAP’S representative offered to pay the TELFAR team some portion of $100,000 design fee for the project before communicating between the entities ceased.

So we wait and see the verdict on how Telfar will handle the issue and also stay tuned on how the Nigerian-British designer Mowalola Ognulesi will infuse her touch of high fashion on GAP’S quick and affordable fast fashion taste with Yeezy’s aesthetics infused.

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