Digital Exhibition: Phases.

This Digital Exhibition is a platform that breaks the norms of visual arts. It allows visual artists to showcase their work unconventionally, on this online publication. Artists get to reach & engage with a larger audience through the Digital Exhibition. 

Our Digital Exhibition happens bi-monthly. We decided to give this exhibition a theme, Phases.

We believe every artist has gone through different phases in their lives which have inspired their different art works. Maybe these different phases have pushed them out of their comfort zone, allowing them to create more or use their art to discovery more about themselves. Here’s the link to the exhibition, but before that let us introduce you to the artists.

Tshedza Mashamba.

Tshedza Mashamba best describes herself as “a South African writer and self-taught visual artist.” She also believes that her experiences as an African daughter, older sister and woman allow her to write and share stories about things she has experienced or what she sees from her surroundings. In her writings Tshedza tackles issues about colourism, sexual trauma that many young girls and women endure. “The absence of paternal relationships and the presence of maternal relationships, natural hair and racial identity.” She tells stories through written pieces and also visually.


Azania Forest.

Lesego Seoketsa, mainly known as Azania Forest, describes herself as a visual storyteller. Her visual work is evident from all the types of artistry’s she does. Not only is she a visual artist, she’s a multifaceted creative being that is also a fashion stylist, content creator, photographer and creative director of Lesego Seoketsa. Azania is also 1/2 of Camagu Studio that she co-founded with fellow visual artist Lulama Wolf. I would best describe her work as striking and ambiguous.

Dakalo Ramusetheli.

I started doing all of this, this year. I’m learning day by day how to get better at my artwork and everything else that I do”.

That’s what Dakalo has been learning since fully venturing into her art. What started off as an interest sparked by drawing, has developed into a further appreciation for her work. Not only that but, through her drawing, she has found an interest in painting. Using her art as a medium of expression, Dakalo views her art from a deeper preservative to what meets the eye. Music, sunsets and art are a few of the many things that give her peace of mind, while enabling her to express how she feels.

The exhibition will commence right now. Click “here” to start the exhibition.

4 Replies to “Digital Exhibition: Phases.”

  1. My goodness, I’m in love with this. Revolutionary, inspirational, radical, powerful black women changing the narrative and history of art. I love it, I cannot wait.

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  2. s/o for hyperlinking their handles to the name titles.. And as always it was a pleasure to read. Thank uu 😊..

    BTW when the audio platform is up and running, best believe I’m setting aside an episode dedicated to this dope publication

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