#CreateAtHome: A Brand Campaign By Converse.

By: Asande Kubone.


Being at home has meant being able to have limited access to inspiration. Going out and being inspired by outdoor surroundings is starting to seem like a thing of the past. Converse has come up with an innovative way to engage with creatives while at home. #CreateAtHome is the first of many campaigns which converse is using to connect a network of creatives, through their social media pages. Adaptation and interpretations of the various converse products makes it easier for creatives to engage and get their work across the various communities that are part of the converse family. Anyone can participate and showcase their work. This includes and is not limited to product and lifestyle photography, video production, graphic design, visual design etc. The creations vary across the multiple art mediums.

Converse has found new ways of keeping the creative flame burning. There’s a whole community out there waiting to discover your work. What better way to do it then to join #CreateAtHome

Here are some of our favorite #CreateAtHome work by different South African creatives:






You can also share your work with the family by tagging @conversesa or #CreateAtHome

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