Five @ Five: with Lindiwe Dim.

Photography source: Instagram (@lindiwedim)

From serving face with unmistakable cheekbones, almond – shaped eyes that lure you in at first glance, identical brows, pouty lips, melanated shea butter glistening skin, big curly strands that blossom like sunflowers in Spring and legs for DAYS! Lindiwe Dim is our very own IT girl. She is no stranger to flashing lights, magazine spreads, television screens, YouTube skreets, large billboards, boarding flights and beautiful sunsets. Currently steadily waving the South African and Nigerian flag in UK , London , during this pandemic she created #30daysofeditorials, where she challenged everyone to remake a “visually striking especially in a way that evokes high fashion.” image. Many familar faces have partaken in this challenge and the rare creativity has created a great buzz on social media.

Photography source: Instagram (@lindiwedim)

We were granted the opportunity to have her as this week’s Five @ Five guest and got to get into her world in just five questions.

1. #30dayeditorialchallange has been trending on social media for about two weeks now, how did you come up with this idea ?

Lindiwe missed work. She longed for the process of creating beautiful work that evoked emotions and sharing with other creatives. Not being able to do this for a while due to the Corona virus outbreak made her realize that she has obtained many skills over the year and it was about time she just did it herself.

2. What difficulties did you endure coming into the modeling industry?

The usual racism, preferring mixed/white models over black girls. Which changed with time because this is a Black Country. Also anxiety and body dysmorphia from the years of being judged & valued based only on your physical appearance.

3. What are the differences being in a modeling set and film/television set?

Actors are treated better overall, I’m assuming it’s because it’s a specialized profession but there’s a lot more crew on a TV set and the rate of production is very fast.

4. When you were recognized overseas did you have to alter yourself in any way to ,”fit in” ?

I don’t think I’m recognized overseas but when I do I don’t plan on changing, atleast not away from my black or africanness if anything I’d present myself more boldly and proudly in my blackness. Standing out is actually the key.

5. How does it feel seeing yourself on a billboard?

It’s a really cool feeling, but it wears off. You become desensitized and just see it as work after a while honestly. Though I was very happy when I saw my first billboard it felt like a benchmark in my career.

And that ladies and gentlemen is a wrap for today’s “episode” of Five @ Five. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lindiwe’s YouTube channel and also follow her on Twitter & Instagram to see more of this undoubtedly gorgeous face.

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