Culture Club Urges You To Sign Petitions.

Source: News 24

A lot has been happening since the saddening death of George Floyd. These past two weeks, the #BlackLivesMatter has been predominantly trending on all social media platforms. In America, all 50 states were protesting for the justice of all black lives that were taken by white racist police officers. Over the duration of the week, many other countries joined in solidarity. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is happening in every part of the world.

Here in South Africa we have had police brutality and gender-based violence cases rising daily. The most heartbreaking thing is that the police brutality here in South Africa is BLACK ON BLACK violence. I bet you’ve heard about Collins Khosa. A South Africa man that was brutally beaten and murdered by the SANDF in his home. He’s not the only one. Sibusiso Amos, Petrus Miggels, Adane Emmanuel, Ntando Elias Sigasa & Robyn Montsumi are amongst some of the people whose lives were taken by police officers that are still roaming around the streets freely.

This week we heard news about Danielle Maistry. She was a 20-year old university student who, was beaten up by her boyfriend until she was seriously injured and left on the scene. She was rescued by police, thankfully she’s recovering in hospital. All these devastating events have been happening in other African countries as well. They have had police brutality and gender-based violence case reports as well. Samuel Maina from Kenya was beaten up by police. Tina Ezekwe from Nigeria was also a victim of police brutality. She was shot by a police officer, while she stood at the bus stop of her house. Other two Nigerian young woman, Vera “Uwa” Omozuma was raped and murdered inside a church whereas Jennifer was gang raped by five men in Kaduna. This needs to STOP!!. You can help all of these people get justice by signing all the necessary petitions.

We need justice for all these individuals:

Collins Khosa:

Petrus Miguel:

Sibusiso Amos, Adane Emmanuel, Ntando Elias Sigasa & Robyn Montsumi:


Tina Ezekwe:

Samuel Maina:

Breonna Taylor:

David McAtee:

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery:

Kendrick Johnson:

Emerald Black:

Julius Jones:

Sandra Bland:


For more petitions that need your signatures, click on the tweet below.

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