Blow Up or Cave: SA Hip-Hop Rising.

SABC 1 premiered its pilot episode for a series on, SA Hip-Hop (Blow Up or Cave) at 9pm, 1st of June. Featuring thought and opinions from favorite artists such as: The Big Hash, Indigo Stella, Champagne 69 and Patrickxxlee, just to name a few. This particular episode detailed the tales of how the SA Hip Hop scene has grown and developed, creating a completely new genre which resonates with Generation Z.

The New Wave/ Internet Kids are: A completely different breed of artists who are pushing mainstream boundaries by utilizing the internet to their advantage. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in how people use the Internet. Nowhere days, people have careers that put bread on the table, all thanks to the Internet. It’s amazing come to think of it.

A few decades back, only a selected few had access to the Internet. Now almost anyone and everyone can be discovered on the Internet. Generation Z is on the rise. Grabbing every opportunity they have to push their craft to the top. Come to think of it, most kids nowadays are raised by the Internet.

I can not shy away from all the negativity that is associated with the Internet. It’s always there, it will never go away. Yin wouldn’t be Yang, if there was one piece missing. What I’m trying to say is, despite the fact that there are internet trolls and all those other outlandish things, the new wave culture is creating, expanding and exploring. This series is a step in the right direction into telling our tales.

Click here to view trailer

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