SON OF URI: An Album By Espacio Dios.

SON OF URI is an alternative album by Espacio Dios and although it was brought to the listeners’ attention during an uneasy time, fighting a pandemic and white supremacy, it managed to create a buzz off and on social media with a 100k streams on Spotify the day it dropped. It secured a 3rd position on the alternative charts and 49 on all genres, on the Apple music streaming platform.

Could this album be a shift in South Africa’s Alternative sound regime? Masego Makganyoha who’s formerly known by Espacio Dios has undoubtedly mastered the art of mixing his majestic voice with the infusion of his Tswana lingo and all of his beats were produced by himself,and he mixed the album with Muzi and a sum of his family’s recorded voice notes of their day to day living, as he mentioned on his Twitter (@espacio_dios) as fun facts after the drop of this album.

It comprises of a 13 songs tracklist, with some of his sampled songs from his old and archived projects. He used this sampling mechanism on his song “Naledi” where he then sampled “Pussy Willow,” as the motive was to make us get a hint of the Percussive planet (which dropped in 2018) Espacio and his 2020 self.

With its Indie feel and a translucent touch to the modern day stature, SON OF URI sure does makes wintertime love and cozy cuddles more simplistic with its solidified trippy nature and a psychedelic arousing within its origin. With no doubt, this album is a paradigm shift in South Africa’s Alternative sound regime and it always will be as much as the born and raised, North-West (Mafikeng) artist is still alive. So what say, you gets those headsets plugged in and trip in your endless nods?

You can listen SON OF URI on all digital streaming platforms.

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