2D Visuals For Insertcoinz “Bambino” Music Video.


Sindiso Tshuma or maybe you him as Insertcoinz (fak’imali uzo bona), is a multi skilled creative being, but leans more on the musical side. Even with his plate full from being a model, composer, electro house producer & Dj, Sindiso managed to start his very own record label, Space Sounds. “Local labels not being able to accommodate my music pushed me into wanting to make my own imprint by, starting my own record label” said Sindiso on his Five @ Five article.


Sindiso released his first ever project under his record label titled “Good and Nice“. A kwaito infused electro house EP with two songs, “Bambino” and “Sad Machines.” We were unexpectedly surprised with visuals for the Bambino on the 29th of May 2020. When I bumped into the YouTube link of the music video, I instantly watched the 5 minutes & 15 seconds animated video. I’m always ready to indulge in local content.

The Insertcoinz “Bambino” official music video starts with the man of the moment. We see Sindiso wearing a pink Stussy hoodie walking down the street. The scene progresses and we see him enter an arcade store. We are transported into his world when, he inserts coins into the slot machine. In this even more virtual world, we get to see Sindiso hanging out with his friends, the broke boy$. As the narrative develops further, we are invited into a street jol with Sindiso as the headliner and lastly there are also some unexpected explicit scenes. When the token has been used up, we go back into the real world of the animated video. All the fun and vibes remain hidden in the machine and Sindiso continues with his day, probably seeking another adventure. The video is captivating and entertaining. Credits to Zuko Augustine.

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