An Open Appreciation Letter To Johannesburg Street Culture Pioneers, Boyznbucks.

Written By: Culture Club.

Okmalumkoolkat, Bhubesi, Stilo Magolide, Spizee & uSanele

Boyznbucks is a South African collective of creatives, trendsetters, entrepreneurs and we believe without a doubt are the Johannesburg street culture pioneers. Boyznbucks was co-founded by uSanele and summing up the collective are members , Siyabonga “Scoop” Makhathini, Riky Rick, Bhubesi, Okmalumkoolkat, Mkay Frash, Spizee, Stilo Magolide, Phiko Mdi and uSanele. From shows like “Siz’ & Scoop“, the “Hunting For Kicks” podcast to Cotton Fest and not to forget the music ,these OG’s have been influential for the longest time. One thing most kids respect about them is that they may be OG’s but they also learn from the gen Z. This is an open appreciation letter to the collective from Culture Club, we wrote about each member & in no particular order.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

uSanele is known as one of the Spova gang members and the co-founder of this collective. He broke into the music industry when he released his debut EP titled “Gangular” in 2019. His hit song “Skellies” from the first EP became an anthem in the streets and it emphasized his love for the culture. uSanele has a second body of work “uMvelase” that was released early this year, it’s sentimental to him and pays homage to his roots, umfana ka Mthembu, Mvelase, Qhudeni Mvelase, Ndaba, Jama kaMnisi, Mthembu waseGubase. These two projects showed us that uSanele is a force to be reckoned with.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Phikolomzi is the government name, but in the streets he’s known as Phiko Mdi or 1Phiko, a cultured spova born and raised in Vanderbijlpark, Sebokeng. He is an event specialist for Red Bull and a SBK clothing brand founder. Phiko is also part of a skateboarding crew, Soweto Skate Society that grooms youngins to stay out of the streets & become professional skateboarders. If you want to talk about “the culture” Phiko is the go to person cause, uUncle Phiko drops the knowledge.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Ityma le se ma taxini, mina ngese mathekini

Mkay Frash is no stranger to the streetwear/sneaker culture. In fact, he is also considered one of the main key players in elevating the SA streetwear culture to what it is. Growing up, Mkay Frash was inspired by the basketball and Hiphop fashion scene(s). In turn, these inspirations played a huge part in his fashion sense. Since his earlier days, presenting sneaker magazine show called “Ayashisa amateki”, to his more recent work “Hunting for kicks”, it is evident that sneaker culture runs through his veins.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Khaya Bhengu also know as Bhubesi has been in the fore front of growing the SA creative culture. If he’s not designing, he’s plugging fashion lovers with insane designs from his co- owned mobile boutique “Punk and Ivy.” If he’s not taking fashion to the streets, he has us jamming to his latest musical offering, an EP collaboration with Suup Zulu, “Imali Nabo Love.”

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Rikhado Makhado widely known by his stage name Riky Rick is a musical artist. A rapper, singer, songwriter and of course a cotton eater. Riky has contributed to the culture in multiple ways, from helping up upcoming rappers that keep the streets warm today, being an uncle to aspiring everythings to the sweet start to February , Cotton Fest, an annual music festival for the kids. He pushes boundaries with his expensive fashion sense and breaks the internet with his fits always!.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Mr Party and the party is definitely at Braamfontien! Micheal Chirwa well known as Stilo Magolide is the creator of W.A.T.E.R a clothing line “wrapped around a feeling rather than high fashion.” Self proclaimed “designer stylish rapper“, he was brought to our screens through Cream Cartel reality show that followed the lives of the creative quartetas, as a stylist and steadily made his way up to becoming a rapper with tracks that caused a buzz like, “Sefolosha” and  “Yasho.” What you see is definitely what you get and with Magolide, gold is as realest as it gets. 

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

You can not think South African hip – hop and not think of the O.G , indoda yakwa Xhosa, the one and only there will ever be, Scoop Makhathini. If you missed his debut on television in early two thousands as the host of “Street Jurnal“, a Pop culture magazine show you must have caught up in time to witness his raw, pure interest in the young and popping on Friday night, virtual get together, Turn Up. He is a living book of the culture, here and oceans away. Inspiration to the younger generation, free advisor through digital platforms, an active voice and a ladder of support. If Scoop bows down he never drops the crown.  

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Smiso Brian Zwane, a man with many “AKA’s” uOkmalumkoolkat is a South African rap artist who hails from Umlazi, KZN, Durban. He burst out unto the scene with the dirtyparaffin song “Siyasebenza” back in 2011 and had since been acknowledged as one of the swankiest and smoothest rappers in this part of the land. He then dropped his debut album Mlazi Milano under his record label Sjambok Studios and it has since then been certified gold. Two days ago uMlazi Milano dropped his long awaited “Bhlomington” EP that has had us bumping our heads non-stop.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr Photography credits: @sheri_gas

Zamani Xolo “The Good Dokta or Spizee” is an artist/producer who also comes from Durban and forms the other half of Dirtyparaffin but more on the production side. He released the “Gemini Mixtape” in 2015 which was heavily influenced by space and has worked with Okmalumkoolkat on quite a couple of his songs . His sound has been described by himself as “90’s downtown Jozi mixed with Durban upbringing.

Photography source: Boyznbucks Tumblr

The group may no longer be together, but we’ll always admire their work, knowledge, impact and not to forget their Drip. We bet no one will ever forget the day “Mswenkofontein” was released, that was the peak of the South African hip-hop & street culture. If you weren’t listening to boyznbucks, you wanted to be one of the boyznbucks. This is us giving you your flowers while you can still smell them. Cues Skellies.

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  1. Boyznbucks need to reunite and release the project that was set to drop in 2013 . Otherwise Ganja Beats have to leak the project to pay homage to the broérs .

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