The Spovington Takes Us To Bhlomington.

Okmalumkoolkat graced us with his long awaited body of work the “Bhlomington” EP in the early hours, yesterday (29 May), since his debut album “Mlazi Milano” which was released in 2016. He had released a number of EP’s prior to his “Mlazi Milano” album which were what essentially solidified his place in the industry with classics like “100K Macasette.

Since he had announced that he’ll be dropping new music, we were eagerly waiting for it’s release day and to get an insight on what the next album might sound like. uMalumKoolKat had released two singles from this EP, “Amakamera Angshoote” and “Drip Siphi Iskorobho.” These singles have created quite a buzz on the internet. The release of the EP also gave us an opportunity to, indulge in more songs such as the Suup Zulu produced “Inkunzi” which is heavily influenced by Kwaito sounds and “Hawaiian” which features the north god, Da L.E.S. Two other songs that are on the EP are “Ooh Iya Ishuu” produced by 2 Kriss & “Impahlas” produced by Zoocci Coke Dope.

Through this project, Okmalumkoolkat has shown us how versatile he has gotten with his sound. He has even dubbed himself “Inkunzi Malanga“, proving just how futuristic the future mfana has been with his music. We hope this EP is perhaps a sign that we’re getting a Okmalumkoolkat album very soon. The virtual EP video launch will be live on Instagram, 30 May at 10:00PM SAST.

Listen and download the “Bhlomington” EP on Spotify & Apple Music.

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