Will Black Lives Ever Matter ?

Co-Written – Mukondeleli Mushiana & Tandaza Simama.

Source: Twitter

Police brutality directed to black people has been taking place since the days of segregation . Twenty first century and we are still pleading justice for lives that have been taken away by those who have been appointed to “keep peace“. Multiple hashtags have been created on social media, it has been addressed on several talk shows , news channels and artists? they have certainly written songs to raise awareness about it countless times, but the question is when will it end? Will it ever end?

It took me a couple of hours to wrap my head around it and grasp what’s happening , not only in Minnesota but in the entire United States , from the Amy Cooper “Karen” stunt, Tony McDade’s murder, George Floyd’s murder and all the others that have been brushed off the surface. It’s disturbing and very much appalling to watch one get away with the murder of an innocent being because of the colour of their skin. Why are black men the biggest threat to white racist people? Why are black women the biggest threat to white racist people? Why are black people the biggest threat to white racist people?

Racism is a topic of most conversations, daily, but when racism turns into this? It brews anger. This is not the first time an innocent black man was killed by white police men that are racist and blue uniform power abusers.

Source: Twitter

I can’t breathe!“, the last words that left 46 year old  African – American , father of two daughters , George Floyd’s pinned body in Powderhorn, a neighborhood south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Derek M. Chauvin is the the name of the Minneapolis police officer that knelt on Floyd’s neck to death, but it doesn’t end there. He murdered an unarmed BLACK man who was 21 years of age, Ira Latrell Toles in 2008 and he was also a part of murder of Wayne Reyes, a Latino man that had 16 bullets shot at him. He has been involved in about twelve police brutality cases and if this wasn’t his first time it’s definitely not going to be his last.

The Minnesota community said “Enough is enough!” and went to the streets to protest and loot shops. To some this might not be the “best way to solve this” but it’ll definitely awaken someone and they’ll see violence can be fought back with violence. Black lives matter and racism will never not be the biggest issue. May everyone that was brutally murdered by police rest in eternal peace.

Source: Instagram

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