Five @ Five : with Lindiwe Modiselle.

This week’s Five @ Five almost slipped me into a coma when we realised that the day was already Thursday (I high- key blame this pandemic) and we hadn’t yet discussed which creative being would be gracing our platform.

Blankly I scrolled through the gram , came across a web series, Conversationscrew that is, “connecting, conversing and collaborating within the Converse community and beyond” and the first image that popped into my head was @haai.ku’s size four foot in a pair of chucks. As if that wasn’t enough, she just had to be part of their most recent episode and I thank the Culture Gods we were able to make her today’s guest at last minute. 

Based in Johannesburg , Soweto , Lindiwe Modiselle widely known by her Instagram handle “haai.ku” was introduced to us through her #RatedOneStar campaign and has worked towards being a star ever since. With an over whelming bio that includes, art director, graphic designer, entrepreneur, digital creator,  collage artist, thread demolisher and active face server, she tops it off with being the founder of newly introduced streetwear brand Selle

We got her to answer five questions that would let us know more about her . 

What was your first reaction when you were handpicked amongst all creatives in Johannesburg , SA to be a part of “Converse Mountain Club?

 I actually screamed cause I’ve never been to Cape Town before.

Why did you start Selle and how has your audience received it ?

I started it for myself to be honest but I wanted to share it. I’ve been receiving a lot of support and I’m eternally grateful.

Sis Converse! How many pairs of chucks do you own? 

About five pairs 

Photography credits: Haaiku

How did Flight center South Africa – Hamba Nathi come about and what is your favourite thing about being a part of it?

I can’t really release that information but I’m so blessed to be able to experience what the work has to offer. With two awesome human beings. 

What has the recognition taught you about yourself?

It has taught me to always stay true to who I am and learn to say no more often.

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