Five @ Five: with Mpumelelo “Frypan” Mfula.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana & Tandaza Simama.

It’s difficult to give a round of applause to the growth of unity within street culture in Johannesburg without turning your eye to the fella that has created a signature look with a kofi hat to haircut, Mayor of the streets and culture, a creative entrepreneur, Mpumelelo “Frypan” Mfulo. Founder and creative director of the “Home of the Youth”, rhtconline, that was once a creative pan that kept the heart of Braamfontien sizzling. From creating a home to putting together ipotsoyi that brought many together at Constitutional Hill, it is no doubt that he believes in the power of unity. He now hosts new podcast, “Select stories” that’s currently on its second episode featuring Kamo Mphela and lets us in on influential conversations in “The Mayors Office.Here’s what our followers wanted to know about Frypan.


What is next in youth culture, as we are faced with a new normal? What are your predictions?

At this point I can’t really make much conclusions beyond the obvious shift in focus in community engagement being more focused to the digital and online space, the youth community has been and will be the main drivers of this space across different industries, that’s for sure because the youth adapt and implement faster because we have little to lose and a lot to gain from the experimental phase that the world is currently at the moment, as to what is next, I think it would be a little premature to say. I believe the best thing to do right now is to take advantage of this time to look within, invest in yourself, what you feel and how you foresee a future for yourself and community, that will be what is next and what we all work towards developing.

Inexperience and imagination is the best asset in these times, there’s never been a better time to just start something.

What made you start RHTC and what impact has it had on you?

I wanted to do something kool and build a micro world I believed will make sense for people like myself. A world where young enterprising people would be able to build careers from their imagination and I knew that it would be possible if we did it as a collective, so RHTC and everything that was developed from it became a reality of that idea, a sustainable youth community that had their own independent economy that gave more of us an opportunity to dream, play and win together.

What inspires you and why?

Inspirations change or rather develop at every season of my life, the common thread however is people and the culture they create in various communities and times.

Are we ever going to get another LPO fest?

Most probably, I‘m not certain as to how it will look like, that’s for the next wave to determine. It’s gonna happen

Appreciate everything you have done for the youth culture and local brands, the absence of RHTC is felt. Will RHTC store be back or something similar? Or at least be online based so we can get all local brands under one umbrella.

I’m glad RHTC gave value to people and continues to do so, that’s it main function and always will be. The acronym is “ Returning Home To Create “ so that indicates that it is an ongoing journey and it will never stop, it will however take a different form with every season simply because a Home consists of different rooms and every room has a function in different times and seasons of our lives and needs.


Listen to the Mayor’s office podcast here

Photography by: Cole Ndelu

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