Five @ Five: with Zinhle Mthembu.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana

uZinhle Mthembu is an unapologetic creative being. She is a fashion model and an all-round creative. I got introduced to her through social media. Zinhle has been breaking boundaries and being a representation of  young black girls who don’t shy away from being who they are and standing firmly with their authenticity. You may have seen her face somewhere in a magazine, or perhaps on a fashion photography series or in different fashion campaigns, but you are yet to see her gorgeous face on multiple billboards. Here’s what our audience wanted to know about her.

What are your biggest inspirations and where do you see yourself in five years?

My biggest inspiration has to be Adut Akech, a 20-year old from South Sudan who is a top model in Australia and a photographer and my other inspiration has to be, Lebogang Tlako mainly known as sisterbozza.

In the next five years I see myself established and as a sponsored international model, creative, playing a few roles on tv screens, as an international English teacher and as a fashion journalist.  Running a global creatives workshop/program for teenagers who are academically challenged while taking up space in all the unimaginable places of this world are also in my five year bucket list.

How did you get to do a collab Mmusa Maxwell?

worked with Muso Maxwell through a collaboration with a fashion stylist known as Thobeka Mbane.

Are you signed to an agency or not? If not, then how has it been navigating the modeling space without representation?

No, I am not signed, how I look is my representation, that’s what got me in the modelIing space from the first place I can say. One lucky day I found a person who introduced me to certain people who have been in the industry before and who are in the same direction I’m embarking on, got exposed to ideas and different direction and intake of the modeling industry. Now anyone refers to me if a model is needed.

I also attend events relevant to my aesthetics and what I believe aligns with my brand, where by there are people who get mesmerized by my appearance that’s how I sometimes get gigs or just walking pass by in the streets in town.

What are your rates?

It depends on what I’m working on.

What was your biggest obstacles when it came to expressing yourself there way you wanted?

Having to explain my expressions and limiting myself, because of what I thought the society views someone like me.

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