Five @ Five: with Insertcoinz



I’m like a juke box, you’ve got to insert the coinz to see the magic

Sindiso Tshuma who is popularly known as Insertcoinz, is a record label owner, Dj, creative and producer. Currently residing in Cape Town, he describes his sound as “a mash up of Kwaito and Deep Tech.”

We’ve gathered questions from our social media pages, as a means of allowing fans to get to know this multi talented being better. Find out what inspired his “Post Kwaito” sound and much more below.

1. Who is Sindiso Tshuma and what inspired the name “Insert coinz?”

Sindiso Tshuma, better known as Insert Coinz is a Dj, Composer, Producer but most importantly, himself – a dreamer. The inspiration for the name Insertcoinz is best explained through an analogy. I’m like a jukebox, you gotta insert the Coinz to see the magic. Run me my check.

2. What is the reason behind you making music?

Music isn’t just a hobby to me, it’s something I love and am deeply passionate about. I grew up in a time where people were big on collecting music and that heavily influenced my love for it. I use music as a medium to express myself or rather as a way to interpret my influences.


3. What was it like transitioning from exploring your creative disciplines in Cape Town, to doing so in Johannesburg?

It was pretty cool,considering the fact that I actually grew up in Joburg and then decided to complete my studies in Cape Town. Joburg and Cape Town have different energies as, Jo’burg is a fast paced and a hustle oriented city. Cape Town is into more mellow and chilled vibes. Being Joburg helped me find myself creatively as a composer. I got exposed to a lot of mid tempo

4. What made you start your very own record label and did you encounter any challenges during the process?

My sound is still a bit unfamiliar and that has resulted in local labels not really willing to take a chance on me. Local labels not being able to accommodate my music, pushed me into wanting to make my own imprint by starting my own record label. I was also inspired to venture into being an independent artist after a conversation with my dear friend Dee Koala, who is killing it in the rap scene. Due to things like: lack of financial backing and resources, the journey certainly hasn’t been an easy one but I’m positive. We will figure it out, as time goes on.


5. Will you be dropping any mixes during this lockdown?

I highly doubt it. I do not want to overwork myself. I hold this as a rule of life: I believe that too much of anything is bad. My approach to this music hustle is to try and take everything as it comes. I don’t want to rush into it but rather pace myself as this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Check out his music, below.

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