Five Podcasts We Think You Should Definitely Listen To.

By: uAsande Kubone

Podcasts are defined as “a series of spoken word/ audio episodes.” These are either audio or visual episodes that focus on a particular topic or genre. Podcasts are the modern version of radio shows, but are much more convenient as one can subscribe to them and, listen wherever and whenever.

We live in a world which constantly evolves digitally. Sparking up conversations these days, comes in a variety of forms. People aren’t as “obligated” as they used to, to watch TV as a means of obtaining information. Podcasts are relevant because one can listen to them, while they go about their daily activities. All you need is an internet connection and, maybe earphone then you are good to go.

In no particular order, these are some of the podcasts to check out..


DEAD. Radio

DEAD. radio is a podcast that, aims to shift the culture by having conversations, which will spark up relatable and relevant narratives. The podcasts aims to “recreate the narrative and put forth different perspectives within the public domain” So far, they’ve dropped 3 episodes, featuring Austin Malema, Wanda Lephoto and Tinuke Eboka.

Here’s the link for DEAD. radio:

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mgowo

SMgowo is a podcast hosted by Mijeaux and Sinesipho, which is produced by Menzi (anarchadium). The duo hosts conversations tackling the slippery, tricky, dynamics of adulting. They really are the big sisters that we need to share insight on how to navigate this vast world of adulting.

Here’s the link for SMgowo:

Pioneers vs Pretenders

Pioneers vs Pretenders is a podcast hosted by the multi talented Joe Human. This podcast focuses on discussion around the creative industry, digital hustle and the urban youth culture. Different episodes feature various guests who, share useful insight and knowledge on the different topics. This podcast is for the everyday, hustle driven African millennial.

Here’s the link for Pioneers vs Pretenders:


An unlikely combination that, we never knew we needed. The POPcast is hosted by Ms Cosmo, Scoop, Speedsta and Dj Vigi. The POPcast team take on multiple roles as, they view the Hip Hop culture from all angles. This POPcast discusses all things Hip Hop from: events, artists, brands and the culture as a whole. This podcast is “a place where unfiltered discussions are had”

Here’s the link for the POPcast:

The Sobering Podcast

The Sobering podcast is one of SA’s longest running podcasts. Established in 2015 by Koloi Shivambu, Kabelo and Kitso Moremi. This podcast has created a name for its self in the local hip hop scene. The trio has used their podcast to share insightful knowledge around the many multi fascited layers in hip hop. Not only that, but they’ve also used their platform to spark up conversations with other like minded guests. Nothing is off limits when it comes all things hip hop for the gang. This trio has definitely found a great way of covering mainstream and niche activities around hip hop.

Here’s the link for The Sobering podcast:

Times have definitely changed. Who would have thought that, what was once seen as an outlandish idea in 2004, would blossom into this new amazing form of audio/visual communication.

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