Sex Education: A Manual For Gen Z.

Sex education is a TV series which follows socially awkward Otis, who like any other teenager has been trying to navigate his way through life in high school without drawing attention to himself.

With having been exposed to various discussions, books and open conversations about sex, for Otis this had mostly been because of his mothers occupation and experience as a sex therapist. Topics around sex have become second nature to him.

Furthermore, as viewers we’re let into the unlikely formation of his relationship with the all round bad girl Maeve. Who both in addition also run an underground sex clinic.

Otis also struggles with his own sexuality, considering how he also finds the idea of sexual intimacy repulsive. The series also takes viewers into all the awkward moments Otis and his best friend Eric experience, having been considered “bottom of the food chain” according to the high school hierarchy.

Eric is the gay best friend who is constantly being bullied, harassed and violently attacked because of his identity and sexual orientation.

Maeve’s life is also far from perfect. Unlike Otis, she is comfortable in her sexuality but although she is constantly slut shamed by other students, she has taught herself to survive in such environments. She, in turn has also been considered an out-cast and lone wolf for most of her high school life.

The exploration of gender, sex and identity are some of the main themes in this series that challenge a lot of ideologies concerning these topics. “It feels like a great moment to explore different perspectives through a TV show” (Nunn, 2019)

Seminal Entertainment productions like Sex Education are exploring new methods of building conversations around taboo discussions, which makes it relatively easier for the now generation to have discussions. This production has found new ways of tackling issues around teenage struggles, into something more positive, tailored for generation Z.

One way or another, we can all relate to some of the struggles the characters in Sex Education experience. It is informative more especially regarding various topics around teenage hood, sexuality and identity.

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