JFF Rooftop Farm: A New Refreshing Hangout Spot in Joburg.

Co- written by: Mukondeleli Mushiana.

On the 26th of January I stumbled upon a dainty, breathtakingly green farm & tea house on one of the rooftops in Braamfontein. I spent the day there with Palesa which turned out to be a refreshing experience. One thing out of the box about the JFF (Jozi Food Farm) is that it’s a farm on a rooftop in the middle of the city and it doesn’t end there, getting in and out of the farm is another unconventional thing that stuck out for me. I don’t want to go into details about it cause it’ll ruin the surprise and fun for everyone that hasn’t been there.

We also got to have tea on that sunny Sunday afternoon, a lemon verbena to be exact. I lean more on the coffee side, but I genuinely enjoyed the tea along with my experience there. Besides the tea, you can get all types of pot plants at the farm and if you don’t know how to take care of plants you can talk to the owners who are always on standby to thoroughly teach and inform you about anything plant related. You can also attend their workshops and discussions about plants and I mean for someone that has been planning on being a plant mom I would definitely recommend JFF Rooftop Farm.

& Palesa Claire Ndlovu.

I recently told someone about visiting the JFF rooftop farm and the one thing that stood out about what they asked me was how I felt when I was in such a space. I am going to begin by saying that I could actually breathe, yes as typical as that might sound …the rooftop farm really makes you feel how you think you wouldn’t feel in a long time – for as long as you’re still stuck in a city like Johannesburg – there’s really a different and more magical feel to that space. Which is funny because me and Mukondi had planned to meet at unwrapped which is a smoothie joint below the farm and to our surprise it was closed, which we believe was the universe’s way of bringing us forth to the discovery of the rooftop farm. We also met Negin Monkoe, who happened to be one of the most interesting, warm and well-spoken human beings I’ve recently had an encounter with, also being one of the owners of the rooftop farm. She gave us a mouthful of information regarding the farm and everything future plans related which was also very enlightening because a space like the rooftop farm is exactly what we need in a vibrant place like Braamfontein.

I’m definitely getting plants from there and teas as well, which is something I also forgot to mention, everything there is not only fresh and natural but also very affordable and honestly, that’s what we love and are here for! And we definitely want you to join in on the buzz as well.


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