Super Skoon: We Clean & Protect Sneakers.

Super Skoon is a mobile sneaker cleaning company which was founded by Kamohelo Makhabane and Lindelani Nedoboni, two innovative young entrepreneurs from the same township as myself, Soweto Diepkloof. According to what I’ve seen from the Super Skoon team I wouldn’t just box them as people who offer sneaker cleaning services, they are also content creators and YouTubers. I was interested in getting to know them a bit better and that’s why I wrote this article and conducted the interview.

1. As young men from eKasi, how did you come up with an idea of starting your very own sneaker cleaning company?

We (Kamohelo and Lindelani) conducted a research at the student accommodation we were residing in after seeing a lot of students wearing sneakers and wondering when and how they get their shoes cleaned. One of our biggest questions was “where do they clean and dry their sneakers?” We found out that majority of students actually wait until they go back home to clean them and some don’t necessarily know how clean different types of sneakers they own and it’s also safer at home. After getting a great feedback from the research that’s when we started.

2. As someone that has had the privilege of being a part of the J&B hive family, I have learnt a lot about businesses and entrepreneurs.. what can you say was the most difficult thing about running and maintaining a business?

With everything you do in life they’ll always be challenges and obstacles you have to overcome, with us our biggest challenge I’d say was juggling school, work and Super Skoon. It was just personal challenges, we are now able to handle all the pressure hence things are running smoothly, we barely even notice how much we have on our plates.

3. How did you come up with the name, where is it derived from?

We wanted a vernacular name first things first, but we also wanted a name that would allow us to do more than just being a sneaker cleaning company. We didn’t want to be just known as sneaker cleaners cause our long-term goals are venturing into other brunches and not limiting ourselves.

4. Who is part of the Super Skoon family? & what is their duties in the company?

We have Kamohelo Makhabane head of operations and Lindelani Nedoboni the director which are also the founders of Super Skoon, then we also have Tumi Kwenda the marketing strategist and Kagiso Lebethe who is in charge of the content, he is the visual director mostly found behind the camera and editing.

5. I believe everyone that knows of Super Skoon knows about your YouTube channel, when did you start the channel and how did people receive it?

I don’t remember the accurate dates, but I remember the main objective that made us want to start the channel. We made it so that we would have a platform that we can school people about the sneaker culture on because we believe it’s an important part of our identity and we also give sneaker cleaning tips to the subscribers and make it fun for them.

6. Which episode is your absolute favorite from your YouTube channel?

Episode 3, it’s titled “rate the fake” I believe that entire episode was dope on its own and the fun part is that we presented and did everything else on our own. We got a great feedback from people because it was relatable, we went to the streets and engaged with our viewers. The other episodes were also great cause we got a chance to work with different artists that we had always wanted to work with such as Flame and Okmalumkoolkat.

7. For people that may not know about Super Skoon, where can they find you ? And what are price ranges?

We based in Braamfontein, but because we are a mobile sneaker cleaning brand, you’ll have to call us then we’ll meet at our pick-up and delivery spots which are Newtown, Auckland Park, Braamfontein and Joburg CBD. Our prices range from R40 to R100.

8. Are there any upcoming events ?

Yes, we are going to have the spova cleaning activation where we market ourselves and also clean peoples shoes for free. We are also going to have the 200 kicks challenge event, we believe us cancelling in December due to uncontrollable rain was a blessing in disguise because now we’ll get to have a bigger and better event.

9. What are all your social media accounts?

IG and Facebook :@superskoon

Twitter :@superskoon_za

Email :

IG :@skamza_twelvy

Facebook : Kamohelo Makhabane

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