Scarlet Hill: MrPrice Beauty Collection.

MrPrice recently launched a new beauty collection, Scarlet Hill. The new range is derived from the stores iconic red color (Scarlet) and the location of its first store, which was located on Brickhill road.

The beauty range has over 200 products, across 8 categories of beauty products. These products range from BB creams, Facial masks, Fragrances, Lipsticks, Eye shadows, cleansers and wipes.

The beautiful and talented Shekhinah is the face of the new beauty range, while Lungile Thabethe is the head make up artist.

The beauty range is exciting, affordable and caters for a range of beauty product lovers/consumer.

There is definitely something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something bold, bright or a little more subtle, Scarlet Hill has a product for you.

One Reply to “Scarlet Hill: MrPrice Beauty Collection.”

  1. I’m really enjoying the range especially the contour pallet and lippies red and brown being my favs . The brand is the next big thing seriously. Especially for us young aspiring make up artist.


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