By : Tandaza Simama

Vogue Italia teamed up with a range of artists to create an environmentally friendly, January 2020 issue by replacing photography with illustrations to, “show clothes without photographing them”.

CASSI NAMODA featuring Ambar Cristal Zarzuela in GUCCI

When editor- in – chief, Emanuele Farnati listed to readers in his 2020 notes, the resources it took to shoot the biggest issue of his magazine last year.

“One hundred and fifty people involved. About twenty flights and a dozen or so train journeys. Forty cars on standby. Sixty international deliveries. Lights switched on for at least ten hours nonstop, partly powered by gasoline-fuelled generators. Food waste from the catering services. Plastic to wrap the garments. Electricity to recharge phones, cameras …”

He says it was their way to acknowledge that the business is far from being sustainable.


This issue was the first step to acting on his statement, “declarations are not enough” after himself and 25 other international Vogue editors made a pledge this past month to help “preserve our planet for future generations” and show respect “for our natural environment.”

YOSHITAKA AMANO featuring Lindsey Wixson in GUCCI

The magazine is donating everything it would have spent on production to the restoration of a cultural center and library in Venice, that was badly damaged by high-tide floods in November.

This month’s issue (on newsstands Jan.7) comes packaged with eight covers that are all artistically breath taking with nothing in common but the use of models in Gucci clothing and the phrase, “No photo shoot production was required in the making of this issue”.

DAVID SALLE featuring Lili Sumner in GUCCI. Styling Tonne Goodman.
PAOLO VENTURA featuring Felice Nova Noordhoff in GUCCI

Vogue Italia carries the theme green by featuring articles that review “reborn” clothes made from “scrap fabric and hand me downs “and also permanently revamps their packaging to a more sustainable, 100% compostable plastic wrapping .

MILO MANARA featuring Olivia Vinten in GUCCI

By taking a step back in time to enter a new decade , Vogue Italia has used an old method to benefit our home, the planet Earth, as well as secure their future.

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