Elaine In Her Element.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana.

Elaine, is a 20-year old South African singer/songwriter that recently independently released an EP titled “Elements” Her EP has been doing incredibly well, which landed it the number 1 one spot on Apple iTunes on the R&B/Soul category and number 1 in all genres. It doesn’t end there, Elaine’s EP also reached 1 millions streams.

For an emerging artist that is not signed to any record label, the sentimental value in her work is not only rich but also well polished. Elements is not only melodious, it’s also mellow and tuneful. You know your work is delightful when someone like Joe Budden, an American songwriter, former rapper and podcaster listens to your song and adds it on his weekly music playlist.

Elements is described as a blend of R&B melodies and trap-soul aesthetics. If you haven’t listened to it and you want to immerse your ears in new music I urge you to stream Elements. It’s available on all major digital music streaming platforms. To stream and download Elements here’s the link “ Elements EP

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