I Collect Thrift: Umnyakazo. A movement

By: Tandaza Simama.

The thrift culture has gradually risen from the dusty struggle streets that hosted Jumble Sales to ; cardboard priced gaint bales of clothing, in clustered spaces, run by foriegn brothers that simultaneously throw the funniest phrases in the air to secure the bag to , heavenly sent stores filled with finds, some hang from the ceiling like angels.

As welcoming as this scenery gets, there is a lack of unity between “thrifters” in the city with everyone trying to make a side hustle out of their skill. Bongani Ngem Madalakay, the founder of “I Collect Thrift” – a movement that was firstly aimed to bring thrifters from all walks of life together, started the journey of creating this unity.

With a monochrome documentary shot by GPEX Visuals that was screened across The City of Gold, followed by three episodes of #icollectthriftinterviews featuring the likes of Lebo Mabane, Gisella, Zoe Monta, Don and Siiz, Bongani was able to create a space for all. The screenings were accompanied by music, clothing stalls, food, painting and conversations that sparked creative freedom.

With a second season of #icollectthriftinterviews on the way as well as “I Collect Thrift Youth Talks”, an event for young creatives, he assures this is a movement everyone should be part of.

“Sushiyeka, siyanyakaza!”

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