JACQUEMUS Menswear Spring/Summer 2020.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana.

Simon Porte Jacquemus was celebrating his 10th anniversary show at South of France. This years’ Jacquemus menswear spring/summer 2020 show was held in a lavender field divided into two parts by a long hot pink runway, this location was astonishing and the aesthetic qualities were gratifying. People who went to the show received the quirkiest, cutest invitations, a micro sunscreen and a Jacquemus hand bag.

The show was titled, “Le Coup de Soleil” which means, “The sunburn.” It was inspired by painters such as Hockney, Paul Cezanne and Jean Lurcat. Simon also showcased some of his collaborations with Swarovski.

Moving on to other elements of the show, Simon’s 65-look unisex collection is my favorite spring/summer menswear collection this season. From the invitations, the setting, color scheme, use of different fabrics and the models. Simon used a lot of fun prints, bold & pastel colors and a few solid neutrals. Simon described his mood board for this show as “tequila sunrise” he wanted to show off his newly found love of intoxicating prints.


The lavender field.

The sunscreen invitation
The spring/summer menswear 2020 invitation

The use of fun prints, bold colors with a combination of pastels, knit, sheer and leather on soft fabrics made the collection vibrant, boho chic and crisp. From pleated skirts, wrap-around dresses, Oversized blazers and beach hats this collection ticks all the right boxes for summer looks. These are my favorite looks from the collection.

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