Unwrapped, un-wrapped.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana & Palesa Claire Ndlovu

[Captured by Palesa Claire Ndlovu]

Unwrapped, owned by Jabu Mdluli & Thabiso Nsindane, is a dainty, homey and modern food joint, mostly known for it’s smoothies, juices and wraps. it is located in 70 Juta street one of the busiest streets in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. I was firstly introduced to Unwrapped by my fun-loving friend Tandaza when she asked me to go to a lunch date with her on a sunny Saturday.

When we ambled in it felt like I just walked in my second home, it was snug and there was a very soothing atmosphere. The wooden interior and pot plants made it feel more relaxing.

[Captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana]

[Captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana]

Tandaza was the first one to order cause she was familiar with the menu, she ordered a chicken wrap and a berry island smoothie. After perusing the menu for a couple of minutes, I decided to get the chicken and avo salad and a caffeine dream smoothie. I am a big fan of salads and this one was mouth-watering, healthy and fresh.

[Captured by Tandaza Simama | Chicken wrap R50]

[Captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana | Chicken and avo salad R55]

After Tandaza took me to Unwrapped and after meeting another friend, Palesa, that loves Unwrapped as much as we do, I fell inlove and we have been all hanging out there regularly. We either go there to catch up or for meetings, unwrapped is good for both.

If you haven’t been to my favorite hangout spot I think now it’s the right time to go, unwind and eat appetizing food and drink the best juices, smoothies and tea in town. Other than the cuisine Unwrapped has one of the most gratifying music playlists, be sure to visit the store soon.

[Captured by Tandaza Simama | Berry island smoothie R35]

[Captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana | Caffeine dream smoothie R35]

I remember scrolling down my twitter and bumping into this exotic picture of the exterior of what looked like a food establishment. The caption stated that Unwrapped was a new joint in Braamfontein, and had a speciality of juices + smoothies and wraps. That was a bullseye moment for me because at the time, I was still familiarising myself with Joburg CBD and coincidentally, Unwrapped was brought to my feet. In terms of my first time at the establishment, I remember I was rushing to Jeppestown and I figured since it was pretty early in the morning and having not had breakfast, I could simply pass by Braamfontein and grab something to eat. Inevitably, after the chicken wrap experience, I never looked back in terms of food establishments in Braamfontein.

[Captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana]

Unwrapped is very intimate in terms of space and design, although it is not so orientated on accommodating huge crowds, it has become the perfect place to either hang out or have meetings as Mukondi has mentioned above, because they also provide Wi-Fi which enables one to also check emails on the go. As embarrassing as this might sound, I have tried all their teas, from Earl Grey to Green Tea, I am an absolute fan. And on really swift Saturdays with Mukondi and Tandaza, I just
prefer having their very own freshlysqueezed apple juice, whilst Tandaza might have a salad
preference. Considering the great quality of their food and drinks, Unwrapped is also affordable and
as students, we greatly appreciate that.

[Captured by Palesa Claire Ndlovu | Earl grey tea R20]

One last key thing I absolutely admire about this establishment is the owners, they are the most warmest people one could ever come across, personally I consider customer service a determinant in terms of being a regular anywhere and well Unwrapped has proven to be a winner because I cannot imagine hanging out elsewhere whilst in Braamfontein.


011 339 1041

ig: @unwrapped_tz

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