Kwa Gogo: Photography Series.

Kwa gogo (grandma’s place) is a photo series documentation that Bongani “Madalakay” Ngcem came up with about the black society.

It’s not just a photo series of rare pictures of people in the townships, it’s pictures that captured and triggers memories of people’s upbringing ekasi, it shows the authenticity of the hood.

Kwa gogo is also mostly about being brought up in your grandmother’s small house that was a haven of serenity, warmth, love and filled with priceless moments in the dusty streets and bustle of the township chaos.

Raised during the era of Apartheid, Gogo has a lot of knowledge which she off-sheds with the youth. This is done in the hope of inciting a fire in these being as she fears that their generation is lost, finding joy in silly things and playing oblivion to the rather dog-still-eats-dog world. Sibusiso introduces Nomsa also known as Mandisa to Gogo, in the hope that Gogo will let Nomsa in in her world.

Visuals: Thabang sleek.

Director: Bongani Ngcem.

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