By Mukondeleli Mushiana.

Nike, Inc is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.

The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon in the Portland metropolitan area. It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoe and apparel and a manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight on the 25th of January 1964, 54 years ago.

[ source: Wikipedia]

There are young sneaker heads who are into kicks, but mostly nike kicks, to be a sneaker head doesn’t only require alot of money, it also needs someone who has a great sense of style or styling skills, and you also need to be updated on what’s trending and what’s not. I know three young men and one young woman that love kicks and I wanted to hear more about their sneakers and their preferences when it comes to brands. Today’s four upcoming sneaker heads are Linda Dokotela Wela, Nhlamulo Baloyi, Tshepo Elbow and Kutlwano Toolz Machaba.

1. When did you realise that you love kicks?

Linda: I started messing with kicks I believe ever since the age of 10, in 2006.

Nhlamulo: I realised that I have love for kicks in 2011.

Tshepo: I realised from an early age, when I was bought a pair of Lacoste kicks while I was in primary.

Kutlwano: I officially realised that I’m into kicks when I collected my third pair of converse in 2013, they were two toned old skool Chuck Taylors.

2. What was your first pair of nike kicks?

Linda: My first pair of Nike was the Nike tempos, the low drags.

Nhlamulo: My first pair of Nike was Nike Free.

Tshepo: The first pair of my early collection were the Nike Air Zoom.

Kutlwano: My first pair of Nike sneakers were Nike Air force 1, my mom bought them for me and they were green, red and white.

3. What is the most expensive pair of kicks you own and how much are they?

Linda: The most expensive pair I have has to be the Insta Pump Reebok x Bape, I spent about R5000 on those kicks.

Nhlamulo: My most expensive pair is Airmax plus (TN) and they cost R2600.

Tshepo: My recent expensive pairs of sneakers are Jordan’s 1s and 3s way, they sell around R2800.

Kutlwano: The most expensive kicks that are own are Nike Jewels and they were R2600.

4. Why do you prefer Nike over other sneaker brands?

Linda: Nike has always been my first preference because everything they release is always jaw dropping and another thing is that Nike kicks are extremely comfortable.

Nhlamulo: I prefer Nike because their kicks are comfortable and their designs are proper.

Tshepo: Nike has been blessing the streets with fresh kicks and I believe that when you’re wearing one of their sneakers you can never go wrong, it’s always a nikey day.

Kutlwano: I prefer Nike sneakers over other brands because it never disappoints with comfort and it’s also a culture thing cause I was raised by a woman that loves Nike so it grew on me. Nike is the one, it’s my first love.

5. Nike vapormax or Nike TN?

Linda: Airmax plus TN.

Nhlamulo: Airmax plus TN.

Tshepo: Airmax plus TN.

Kutlwano: Nike Vapormax.

6. Who’s your all time favorite sneaker head, internationally or locally?

Linda: Locally it has to be Phiko Mdi, one of the boyznbucks members, internationally it’s Qiaz from London.

Nhlamulo: Gullyguy Leo.

Tshepo: Rolo Rozay.

Kutlwano: I have sooo many favorite sneaker heads Wuzzgood, Aide julle and Kimberly Skinney, they’re International and they’re all females because women power.

7. Okmalumkoolkat or Didi Monsta?

Linda: Okmalums.

Nhlamulo: Didi.

Tshepo: Okmalums.

Kutlwano: Okmalums.

8. Which sneaker brand would you love to collaborate with?

Linda: Puma.

Nhlamulo: Nike.

Tshepo: Nike

Kutlwano: Nike but I’d also like to collaborate with Reebok because they make classics.

9. Tell us a bit about your style, fashion and your favourite apparel.

Linda: My style is more of urban and classic street style. I’m not really based on ” hype ” I dress up according to my feelings. My fashion Icons are Young Lord, Ricky Rick, Daniel Pacciti, Phiko Mdi and Myself. My favourite apparel has to be Vlone.

Nhlamulo: My style is a fusion of street style and London town style.

Tshepo: In my own fashion sense, I like wearing fresh pair of kicks with a clean combo. I always try to stand out from the crowd, I don’t only wear expensive Nike kicks but I wear the most influential and comfortable pairs.

Kutlwano: My style is versatile, gangsta, grunge, pretty, it’s me, it’s toolz, It’s easy going but glamorous because you gotta kills them (giggles). I haven’t found my fashion icon yet but I do have favourites. My black leather jacket with fringe and my orange bomber jacket have to be my favourite apparel in my wardrobe right now.

10. Finish this sentence, In 2018 I want to…

Linda: …accomplish a lot, starting with a clothing brand that I will be starting with my friend called PROTECTION.

Nhlamulo: …make my brand more successful.

Tshepo: …up my Jordan retro pairs and Airmax, as a sneaker collector i should always have new kicks, it’s either you go bigger or go home.

Kutlwano: …MAKE MONEEEEEY!!!

Social media handles:


Instagram : dokotela_

Facebook: Linda Dokotela Wela


Instagram: tshepo_elbow


Instagram: Kutlwanotoolz

Facebook: Kutlwano Toolz

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