Most Influential Venda Creatives.

We now live in a world were technology is one of our biggest source of communication. We now not only use the internet to share our artistry but it also starts here on the internet. Venda is a homeland in the northern part of South Africa, it’s not one of the most unfortunate places in South Africa but it has it’s difficulties with celebrating its culture and art, we barely have art galleries or art museums but we have young Venda creatives that are embracing the Venda culture and art. I made my own research and compiled a list (in no particular order) of influential creatives that are flying the Venda flag high.

1. Ampfarisaho Rasivhaga.

Ampfarisaho Rasivhaga mostly known as Jaybee The Designer is the founder of a company named The Cratives Media that provides for any visual, graphic and videographic needs. He is a graphic designer by profession, doing his final and intern year as a multimedia student at TUT. Ampfarisaho is also a freelancer designer for multiple companies and venues at Pretoria.

Instagram: @cratives_media_sa
Facebook: Jaybee TheDesigner

2. Phindulo Tshidzumba.

Born and bred in Makwarela Venda, Limpopo Phindulo “Rigby Ranks” Tshidzumba is a photographer, creative director, content creator, poet and a music compiler. He is one of the youngest Venda creatives and the most influential. Phindulo Tshidzumba is the future of photography and he is also the one to watch in 2018.

Instagram: @rigby_ranks
Twitter: @phindulorigby
Facebook: Phindulo Rigby Tshidzumba

3. Maanda Madzhege.

One of the most multi-talented creatives Maanda “Mad Jackson” Madzhege is not only a poet, guitarist, and a producer he is also a beat boxer. Venda is filled with talent, creativity and original artistry and Maanda is one of the people we should thank for grooming up & coming artists and helping them showcase and share their talent.

Twitter: @imaginaryArtSA

4. Funanani Masiagwala.

Funanani Masiagwala born in the capital of Venda Thohoyandou is one exceptional poet, his poems are soothing. According to the previous article about him, he started writing when he was only 14 years old and he has been in love with writing ever since. His anthology Wine In Teacups is definitely a must read. Funanani is also very fashion conscious. Poetry, art and fashion are the best words to describe him.

Instagram: @laterthat.night
Twitter: @laterthat.night
Facebook: Funanani Masiagwala
Wattpad: Funananim

5. Fhumulani Mudau.

Fhumu Mudau is 23 years old and he was born and bred in Venda Thohoyandou, Limpopo. At the age of 16, Fhumu fell in love with photography and started a group called Image_nary Society which consisted of two photographers, himself & Tshifhiwa Mukwevho and three models Tondi Aqeelah, Mmapula Tshikununu and Bongani Bhengu but unfortunately they grew apart when it was time for varsity. “I got connected to creative minded people when I was located in Pretoria, in 2014” he said. Fhumu has collaborated with Eurospace and VENO magazine. Fhumulani believes that he is a self taught multi-creative and his motto is “focus on what you love and you will be more than you expected.

Instagram: @_flyisdead
Twitter: @_flyisdead
Facebook : Fhumu Mudau

6. Romeo Maboko.

A graduate from the University of Johannesburg, Maboko Romeo Maboko is not only a professional multimedia designer, he is also the founder and CEO of DIRECTOR MABOKO (PTY) LTD. Romeo is an entrepreneur that is working extra hard to achieve his goals and he is definitely an inspiration to the young ones who have dreams of owning their own businesses.

Instagram: Director Maboko
Twitter: Directormaboko
Facebook: Director Maboko

7. Gundo Smata.

Gundo Smata mostly known as Gee Carter was born in a small village called Motlabaneng in Botswana in the early 90’s and moved to South Africa when he was only a few months old. Gundo is a mixture of Tswana and Venda. He fell in love with travelling when his family used to travel to Botswana and back, “we’d stop now and then and just take pictures with an old colour film family camera.” he said, and that was when he realized that he is passionate about photography. Gundo furthered his studies when he moved to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga and studied marketing at Boston City Campus & Business College. Gee Carter is now a well known travel photographer with a diploma in photography from Shaw Academy and a diploma in digital photography from The photography institute.

Instagram: @gee.carter
Facebook: Gee Carter

8. Ndamulelo Netshituni.

Ndamulelo Netshituni is one of the biggest creatives and influencers to the Venda youth. He is the founder of three successful movements, Streetrep Venda which is a social event that welcomes all talents and people of all ages. Ndamulelo started Streetrep Venda with Awelani Mudau and the main purpose was to give Venda a platform to showcase their talent. The second movement is Venda Online Magazine, its main objective was to create, inspre and uplift the Venda youth, and then there’s From Venda To The World, he started this movement so that he could connect creativity and talent with the world, and to give people the opportunity to tell their stories and showcase their talent in a way they feel comfortable in. Ndamulelo is also a photographer, his recent work on Instagram is breathtaking. I am inspired by his genuine love for the Venda culture and giving back to his community by giving them opportunities to shine.

Instagram: @ndamunesh
Twitter: @ndamunesh
Facebook: Ndamulelo Nesh Netshituni

9. Dakalo Ramasimu & Dakalo Sadiki.

These two young men are the co-founders of the Obsolete clothing brand, which has been running for 4 years now. Dakalo Ramasimu is a 20-year-old designer that was born in Venda Manini, He is an artist that does not only love sketching , he also enjoys reading books. He is very much into hip hop, the fashion culture and writing poetry, his partner Dakalo Sadiki was born and bred in Manini as well and they both went to Thohoyandou Technical High. When they were in grade 9, Dakalo Ramasimu and Dakalo Sadiki came up with an idea of starting a clothing brand, December 2015 they started their brand, they were only making t-shirts and they had little funding. These two young men had challenges with the name of the brand, before the clothing brand officially changed the name to Obsolete, they had already changed it four times and now things are running smoothly all in the name of patience and persistence. Rotondwa Mantshimuli joined the Obsolete team in 2016 and he has been working hand in hand with Dakalo Ramasimu and Dakalo Sadiki as their marketing strategist.
Obsolete will be launching an Autumn/Winter collection in a couple of weeks to come. Obsolete produces apparel for both men and women, “we make simple clothing with simple silhouettes and anyone can add a piece of our art in their wardrobe.” said Dakalo Ramasimu.

Instagram: @obslt_sa
Facebook: OBSLT

10. Zwavhudi Muavha.

Zwavhudi Muavha is a young man from venda that is god fearing, hence he started his clothing brand, God Got Us. He is not only a brand owner, he is also a photographer and a talented videographer. Zwavhudi is a part of Ndamulelo Netshituni’s movement From Venda To The World. He is one of the biggest photographers in Venda, his work is significant. Zwavhudi started a campaign, God Got Us Campaign that helps the less fortunate by collecting clothes and donating them, if this doesn’t inspire you then I don’t what else will.

Instagram: @zwavhudim
Twitter: ZMuavha
Facebook: Zwavhudi Muavha

11. Tshifhiwa Nangambi.

Tshifhiwa Nangambi is one of the few female Venda creatives, she was born and raised in Venda Limpopo, and moved to Gauteng in 2015 and studied IT software development. Tshifhiwa is now a 20-year-old fashion student and a shop assistance at Dr Pachanga, she came up with an idea of starting Denim Unlocked in 2015 when she fell in love with thrifting. People were drawn to Tshifhiwa’s style and the clothing items she thrifted, mostly denim jackets. Tshifhiwa decided to turn an idea into a business by thrifting top quality denim clothes and selling them, she has collaborated with a lot of Venda fashion creatives and fashion brands such as Nomadic Venda, Zookwa, Abacus industries, King Lutendo, Gee dart, Ndi nne baba and Joey Jackson Sekwana. Tshifhiwa Nangambi is an inspiration to young Venda girls.

Instagram: @chichi_nangambi
Facebook: Chifhiwa Chichi Nangambi

I’m more than proud to embrace my venda culture, art and the phenomenal talent it has. ” ahuna zwithu zwono takadza u fhurisa u hulisa vhubvo hau, ri shumela venda. ”

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