Thrifting Tips And Tricks.

Thrifting is not only a good way to save money, but it is also a good way to get top quality clothing that can no longer be found in stores. Thrifting is not as easy as it may sound, you’ll need tips on how to get bargains. Here are 5 tips that I know that I am willing to share with you:

1. When you going thrift shopping you need to have enough bags to carry your clothing, this may sound like it’s just an unnecessary thing to do, but it’s important cause you might end up buying more things than you thought you’d buy.

2. Don’t immediately pay for what you see first. You need to look, look, look, look & look and pay after you have selected the clothing items that you really love.

3. If the prices are higher than you expect, negotiate until you are happy with the price you’re going to pay for.

4. Before you pay, check whether the clothing item is ruined or torn because you can’t take it back.

5. If you like something and it’s too big for you, buy it and get it altered.

captured by Mukondeleli Mushiana | Noord taxi rank

Readers if you have any more tips on how to thrift comment and join in on the conversation.

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